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Creative Writing 3

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This story came out of seeing the Watchmen trailer way too many fucking times. I started thinking about what a city would be like with super heroes and villains, then I imagined what would have happened if all the heroes were killed and the villains were the only ones left, competing to outdo each other.

Story 3

Atop a building that nearly touched the clouds, a lone caped figure stood watch. The city of Megopolis was his backdrop, and his foredrop was the Megopolis Savings and Loan.  The figure checked his watch. 03:59:45. Now would be the time when the entire city was asleep. That is, if the city ever slept. 04:00:00 It was time.

The figure leapt from the edge of the building. He began a dive into nothingness. His pool was the concrete sidewalk hurtling towards him at 9.8 meters per second squared. An accelerometer in his cap went into action and the cape took on the form of an airfoil, slowing his descent just enough to discern the different floors of the Savings and Loan as the flew upwards.  The unmasked portion of his face, of which there was little, still managed to get windburn. He fell past a gargoyle statue that he had been using as a reference point.  Sensors in his mask recognized the gargoyle and automatically began a timer.  In exactly 4.296 seconds a buzzer would go off in his cowl. It would work, he had gone over the calculations and then rechecked them.  He had eliminated any wild possibilities due to slight shifts in wind or barometric pressure.  His plan was fool proof.

He shifted his weight accordingly.  Instead of diving headfirst he was now rotating and curling his feet in front of him. His cape had automatically changed shaped when the timer was up, so instead of slowing his descent it was also angling him towards the bank.


He broke through a window.  Razors were raining down around him as he hit the ground and broke his fall by rolling forward.  An alarm started blaring through the building. He had two hours. He made his way to the bank vault. A mountainous steel wall loomed in front of him.  The vault door was ten feet in diameter and four feet thick. It would take him most of an hour to break through, then it would take him an extra twenty minutes to find the deposit box he was looking for. That left him plenty of time to make his harrowing escape, which basically consisted of walking out the front door. He unhooked a couple of tools from his utility belt and went to work.

Forty minutes later his progress was going better than he had planned.  He would be breaking through any minute now.

And he was in.  Things were going perfectly. Almost too perfect.

“That’s enough, White Wasp.”

The voice startled him.  He should’ve been the only one in the building. The White Wasp turned to find-

“The Chartreuse Swallow?”

“The only natural enemy of the wasp, and I’m taking over this heist.”

“Sorry Swallow, the Megopolis savings and loan is my turf. Why don’t you check out the Megopolis Loan and Savings?”

“I was just there,” the Chartreuse Swallow pouted while stamping his foot and folding his arms dejectedly.  “It was already being cased.”

“You mean-?”

“Yes, the Obsidian Ocelot was already robbing it.”

“Shucks, Swallow, I don’t know what to tell you.”

“It’s alright, let’s see if you fare any better than he did.”

There was an uncomfortable silence as the super villains sized each other up.  The Chartreuse Swallow was the first to break the tension.

“C’mon, man.  The police will be here in an hour.”

“Right!” The White Wasp sprang back into action.  He suddenly remembered that he was in the middle of robbing a bank and took a gleeful moment to laugh at the absolute evil that he was committing. Gleeful moment over, he went back to work. The Chartreuse Swallow helped, barely. Mostly he just handed the Wasp tools while idly chatting about the old days, when things were better. The fights they had fought, the jobs they had pulled, the heroes they had thwarted. The White Wasp tried to tune him out and concentrate on his work.

Finally, thankfully, the job was done.  The White Wasp extracted the deposit box he had been working on, took another moment to savor his victory, he opened the lid and found-


“Whaaaaa?”  The sound that escaped from him was undeniably not a word, but it also undeniably represented untold confusion.

“Yeah, the Pink Panda robbed this place last week.”

The White Wasp’s anger was unmeasurable. “Well, why didn’t you say that?” For a moment his shriek perfectly matched the pitch of the alarm that still buzzed.

“I thought you knew.”

“I hate you so much.”

“The cops will be here in 20 minutes anyway. C’mon, I’ll buy you a beer.”


“Well, I’ll rob a liquor store.”

“Fair enough.  Say, Swallow, as much as we hated them, do you think things were more fun before we killed all the super heroes?”

“I do miss some things about them, but for a while I was getting tired of going to prison.  It seems like every other month I would get busted and have to go back.”

“Isn’t that were you picked out the name Chartreuse Swallow, though?”

“If you know what’s good for you, you’ll shut your mouth about that.”

White Wasp smiled to myself and said in an almost inaudible whisper, “yeah, I heard that was what your problem was.”

“What was that?”

“Huh? Nothing.  Still, don’t you wish that we had at least one of them that was still alive.”

“There’s always Mother-of-pearl Mouse.”

“He’s paralyzed.”

“Oh, right.”

And the two masked figures walked out of the cold brick bank into the warm light of the rising sun.

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