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Morgan Freeman talks "Through the Wormhole" with Jon Stewart

The awesomeness of this video can not be overstated.

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Morgan Freeman
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Personally, I’d never heard of “The God factor” before. I quite like it as a thought. It’s a bit more comforting than the “We have no fucking clue factor”. This whole thing reminds me of the problem with white holes explaining the beginning of the universe. If the big bang started from a white hole then what’s on the other side? The God factor. Also, I like how God has no real religious connotation, it is simply a way to account for all the unknowns. That is, until we can figure out the unknowns.

The other thing that I find awesome about this video is that you can’t tell who’s being played here. Morgan, at one point, claims that there’s a generational difference, but you get the feeling that he knows what he and Jon are doing at each step. Jon is used to messing with important people, but he doesn’t seem sure of how to take what Morgan is dishing out. Hilarious.

The worst thing about this is that I don’t get the science channel, so I unfortunately won’t get to watch this program.

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