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This is not an ad.

I found out about this awesome, all-natural supplement that’s cheap, easily administered, and does an crazy amount of stuff. In neurons it mimics acetylcholine. Acetylcholine controls how much energy you have, helps with learning and memory and help deliver messages from your brain to your muscles.

By taking this supplement you get a boost of energy because not only does it mimic the effects of acetylcholine, it also orders the brain to release of acetylcholine so that the neurons basically get saturated. This charges you up and makes you more alert since the pathways your brain uses to communicate with your body are now open.

It also floods the brain with orders to release dopamine, which is one on of the reward receptors of the brain, giving you a sense of happiness. On top of that it calls for the brain to create more endorphins, which enhance the feeling of euphoria.

Finally, this supplement calls for the brain to release glutamate, which enhances the connection between pairs of neurons which may lead to a better memory.

They’ve also found that this supplement might be able to help those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and Tourette’s syndrome.

This all sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it: a supplement that helps with memory while boosting energy and with the added benefit of lifting ones mood. I want it right fucking now. I don’t even really care about the burst of energy and the memory enhancement. I’ll just take the boost of endorphins. I know I can get the same thing by doing some exercise and getting a runner’s high, but that’s seriously a lot of work.

So how do you get this wonderful, amazing supplement? Just go down to the corner gas station and pick up a pack of cigarettes, they’re chock full of nicotine.

Those of you who didn’t catch on before are all pissed because I burned you good, huh?

Unfortunately, all that stuff that makes nicotine so awesome also makes it super addictive. Anything that releases endorphines is going to cause an addiction connection. Especially when you combine that with the Pavlov’s dog instantaneousness that you get with inhaling a drag from a cigarette. The release of glutamate also fuels the addiction because by boosting the performance of memory you further create a connection to stimulus and reward.

One of the reasons it’s so hard for people to stop smoking is that after prolonged use, the brain becomes acclimated to having nicotine and can’t function properly without it.  This is what causes users to become irritable, because quitting changes the fundamental way that the brain functions.

A bulk of the negative side effects that come from excessive nicotine use are from the way we intake nicotine. Tobacco is what causes the majority of the negative effects, however, nicotine is also extremely poisonous to humans. The nicotine in 5 cigarettes is enough to kill an adult, if it were all taken in. From smoking and chewing, we only take in a portion of the nicotine that’s actually in a cigarette. Nicotine is such an effective poison that it’s also used as a pesticide.

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