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Let's talk about sex bay-bee

I hope you like yourself some good old hymenoptera/asparagales naughtiness, because this article has it in spades. I kinda don’t like orchids after this. Tricking bees and whatnot. That’s just wrong. On the other hand, how stupid are the bees that they can get tricked by a dumb ol’ orchid.  I can only assume that this is all evolutions fault. We should’ve listened to all those Alabama school curriculums outlawing the teaching of evolution. Now evolution has become self aware and is running around teaching orchids how to make bees (which are awesome) into veritable sex slaves for the orchids (which are stupid).  Truly, it is a tragic existence which the bees lead.

Since there are two different kinds of orchids which use pheromones to trick bees into pollination, and cross pollination between those species will spring a new (but sterile) orchid species, it’s only obvious to assume that one of the two types of orchids was the result of cross pollination of the other type.

I mean, knowing next to nothing about plants and pollination, that’s the only conclusion that I can come to.

Now that you’re all turned on by bees humping orchids, let’s move onto the real hot stuff: mice.

Did I mention they’re promiscuous?

So here we’ve got a group of scientists who spent god knows how long at college and graduate school who spend their time gathering semen samples from mice. Then he (they) check out what the sperm are up to. Sounds like an awesome job. I wonder what their title is? I mean, what do you put on your resume? Would ‘Initiating mice gang-bangs’ be under skills or job descriptions?

Still, the findings are quite remarkable. Sperm can recognize each other and will help out other sperm from the same…erm…donor. The best part of the article is when it mentions that the sperm will draft “Lance Armstrong style”. I personally would’ve used Jimmie Johnson style, but only because of the delicious double entendre. Also, as one of my co-workers point out, the irony of the article is that Lance probably can’t produce sperm of his own anymore.  Anyway, with all of the things that work against successful breeding in animals species, it’s cool to finally see something that there is a mechanism that’s there to increase the chances of fertilization.

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  1. shelly
    April 22, 2010 at 8:15 pm

    i was thinking it’s a new cowboy…ninja…bear…where are the pictures…….i didn’t read the full blog so if it was i apologize…..i’m on vacation and lazy.

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