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Sadly, Octopi does not mean "eight pies"

I just saw this awesome, awesome video. They attached a freakin camera to a freakin sea lion. It’s almost as cool as freakin sharks with freakin laser beams, but somewhat less deadly. To humans, that is.


After seeing this, I decided that I wanted my own crittercam. My wife put the kybosh and adding a camera to the baby, so I had to settle on trying to glue one to the dog. She wasn’t having it. You could say that things went poorly. I was bitten 17 times. The vet said it was a record.

When I went back to watch the video to see what I may have done wrong, I noticed a link to another video. This one was simply titled “Octopus vs. Shark”. Now if that doesn’t grab your attention, I think you’re reading the wrong freakin blog. As you might guess, the video is of an octopus in combat with a shark. Seems like the shark would have the advantage here, I mean, the sea lion was able to beat the octopus handily, and sharks eat sea lions all the time. As it turns out sea lions, sharks, and octopi form some sort of awesome nature themed game of cowboy/ninja/bear.


I actually felt bad for the shark here. He was just cruising around, not hurting anybody. This is odd because I felt bad for the octopus in the first video. Then I watched it after the shark video and I started rooting for the sea lion. “You can do it! Kick that shark eating bastard’s ass!”

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