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Hence the fiction in science fiction

February 17, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Some stupid scientist just ruined Star Trek’s warp speed.


According to him flying around at the speed of light would compress all the hydrogen molecules that are randomly floating around and creating clouds in space. This compression would make a highly radioactive hydrogen beam which would kill anything in its path over and over again.

I can just imagine this jerk spreading his findings to his colleagues. They would all be talking about which was the best movie after Wrath of Khan, and he would jump in lisping through his retainer and pushing up his square framed coke bottle glasses. “Well, actually, Mr. Rodenberry was horribly wrong when he conceived *snort* warp speed travel. Al has already proven that light speed travel is impossible thanks to ToR, but what he didn’t know was about the molecular compression of hydrogen, which would create a radiation level of 10,000 sieverts, which, as we all know, is about 2,000 times the lethal value.”

Then all of his colleagues would beat him up for not having an imagination.

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