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The sicko experiment: part three

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Biotin sounds like a robot. In fact, it even looks like a robot.

A robot with a little carboxylic acid tail. This guy should be making meals for me, cleaning up after me and cracking wise, not floating around my body. What gives?

Like most B vitamins, Biotin is necessary for cell growth and metabolism. It also helps with transferring carbon dioxide, you know, so you don’t DIE. Apparently I don’t really need to take it because bacteria in my intestines produces more biotin than I actually need.

A deficiency of biotin would cause hair loss and and scaly rashes. However, to induce such a deficiency the bacteria would have to stop working, which could be caused by eating raw egg whites, a total of twenty per day would probably do it. I don’t really plan on doing that anytime soon, so I consider myself pretty safe. Cool vitamin, but ultimately unnecessary to take anymore.

Vitamin B6

This one can’t be too important, it doesn’t even get a proper name. Turns out it’s important for histamine synthesis. I’m assuming that the antihistamines I take daily are meeting up with B6 almost constantly and creating the most wonderful explosions. It also helps in creating hemoglobin, which I suppose is important. A deficiency of B6 results in confusion and neoropathy. So while I’m not sure what it really does, I know what it doesn’t do when it’s not there, which is pretty scary.

Vitamin B12

For how important it is, B12 gets hosed in the name category. You automatically associate with B6, but B12 actually helps out with all of the bodies functions, but most importantly the brain and nervous system.You can actually absorb it through the mucus membranes in the mouth. Not getting enough B12 actually causes anemia and a number of psychological maladies including depression, forgetfulness, mania and psychosis. This explains why I draw so many vitamin B12 blood samples in the psych ward of the hospital. It’s also crazy complex looking.

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