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January 10, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

To quote a friend quoting a movie, “Hey, wha’ happened?” We got a new theme up in here. I liked the old theme a lot, it had a nice header pic and was really clean. The problem I had with it, and with most of the wordpress themes, is that it was a fixed width column. I’ve got widescreen monitors and with the old style there was always a lot of empty space on the left, blog in the middle and then errata on the right followed my more empty space. All of that empty space bugged me. I’m not too keen on the style of the new theme. I think the header is a bit ugly, and the spacing scrunches up the Carl Sagan quote so it spills over to the next line and actually dips out of the header. The heck?

Still, there are some good things about it. The width is variable so there’s a lot less empty space. Plus the about page gets bumped up and is put on the side so the Discovery song is always there and accessible.  I don’t know why but I find that comforting, plus that song is always a good pick-me-up and it’s nice to know that it’s one less mouse click away.  Despite the problems I have with the new theme, the variable width is a big plus for me, and it is a much prettier than any of the other variable width themes that were available.

Despite the randomness of the posting schedule, I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve done with the blog. Ideally, I would have a new update every Monday Wednesday and Friday. I kind of fell out of habit with that over the holidays (not that I ever really kept to the schedule to begin with) plus there was school, and a week long illness and lots and lots of baby time. The genesis of the blog was a thread in one of my frequented forums in which I’d post random science stories and give them farkesque titles. At that point I wanted to set up a blog that was basically the same thing. Now I’m glad I didn’t do that. There are a number of other sites that I’ve found on wordpress that are basically the same thing. I get news from a number of science sites through RSS feeds, and most of the articles were already old news to me. Plus, just posting quoted text is boring, not nearly as boring as just posting a link and a title.

The first couple of posts are pretty rough. All yakkity yak and not much humor. They gel with what I really want this site to be about, but they were missing something. I feel that the later posts, even the hastily (not to mention poorly) written ones at least have a uniqueness to them. Now I just need to keep things up.

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  1. January 10, 2010 at 8:35 pm

    I like this one better. But I know what you mean about WP themes – I’ve had problems finding one that I like too.

    Early posts are always rough. It takes a while to find your voice in a new format, even when you already have a strong one in other formats (as you do). But I agree that you’re starting to hit your stride here!

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